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Hydraulic breaker cylinder assembly

   Hydraulic breakers are called "crushers" or "crushers." The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure provided by the excavator, loader or pump station. It can crush stones and rocks more effectively during construction. Work efficiency. The principle of selecting a hydraulic breaker is to select the most suitable hydraulic breaker according to the type of excavator and the operating environment.

Middle cylinder assembly

The cylinder assembly mainly includes the following accessories: cylinder block, cylinder regulator, socket plug, wire screw sleeve, oil seal, piston, oil seal holder, etc. The cylinder block is the core part of the breaker, which is especially important in assembly.

Assembled as follows:

1. Lay the cylinder flat and install the wire screw sleeve with the special tool in the threaded hole of the cylinder block. The end face of the wire screw sleeve should be lower than the thread end face.

2. Clean the cylinder. When cleaning the cylinder, pay attention to the cleaning of the cylinder chamber and the oil passage hole. After cleaning, dry it with high-pressure air. Check the cleanliness of the oil passage hole with a flashlight.

3. Install the oil seal. The lower end of the cylinder is lined with three oil seals. From the outside to the inside, it is dust-proof oil seal, main oil seal and buffer oil seal. Before the oil seal is installed, the oil seal is applied with hydraulic oil. The direction of the oil seal cannot be reversed. The buffer oil seal is composed of an oil seal and a support ring. The chamfered side of the support ring is attached to the oil seal and cannot be reversed.

4. Install the O-ring on the socket plug and install it on the cylinder. The plug should be tightened to prevent oil leakage.

5. Lift the cylinder to the lower cylinder and install the joints into and out of the oil port. Screw the rubber and apply the screw on the side and back.

6. Install the cylinder regulator. There is an O-ring and a support ring on the cylinder regulator. Cut the support ring with a blade and cut it into a diagonal groove. Install the grease behind the O-ring and install it on the side. Tighten. Then remove it, check if the oil seal is damaged, then check if the contact indentation is uniform, then tighten it, spray the hydraulic fluid into the cylinder cavity, and wait for the piston.

7. Install the soft bushing. There are five oil seals on the soft bushing. They have the same diameter and different cutting diameters. Apply grease to the O-ring and the soft bushing and install it on the cylinder, waiting for the upper cylinder to be installed.

8. Piston installation, after cleaning the piston, the compressed air is dried, the surface is evenly sprayed with hydraulic oil, the piston is slowly put into the cylinder, do not touch the cylinder cavity, after the piston is reciprocated Three times to prevent the oil seal from being crushed.

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China Sanyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic breakers. Since 2003, it has passed CE certification. Introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment to produce circuit breakers. It uses modern processing and management methods based on production, sales and research. And development. The company's miniature circuit breakers are known for their outstanding performance and powerful impact. The products produced are characterized by high quality, high stability, precision machining and long-lasting durability. They are widely used in crushing, mining, roads and civil engineering. Engineering, demolition, special engineering (underwater engineering, tunnel engineering, etc.) and other construction areas.

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Company : Yantai Sanyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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