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high quality Concrete mixing plant

company : Henan Chunyue Import&Export Co.,Ltd
address : Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, Henan province, China.



Henan Chunyue Import&Export Co.,Ltd . is a professional manufacture with more than 20 years production experience of Concrete Mixing Plant. Today to introduce everyone about Concrete Mixing Plant, if you have a demand for Concrete Mixing Plant,you are welcome to send us inquiries.

HZS series Concrete Mixing Plant belongs to compulsory and efficiency equipment. It includes JS concrete mixer, PLD batching machine,cement silo,conveying system and control system.And also has the characteristic of mixing well, high productivity, highly automated, high flexibility, convenient operation, and good stability.

Concrete Mixing Plant can be widely used in construction projects like buildings, roads, bridges, high way roads, docks, airport, water projects, hydropower station, etc. They can also be used in fibre reinforced concrete unit factories and used as commercial cyclone cement concrete mixing plant to sell high quality concrete to different buyers.

The drawing of the whole set of Concrete Mixing Plant:

The whole set of Concrete Mixing Plant is composed of JS mixer,Feeding system ,Cement Silos, Batching machine and Control system.

The Technical Parameters of Concrete Mixing Plant (Model ): 

Dear buyer , pls choose the best suitable model below based on your requirement of the capacity per hour .

The type of Concrete Mixing Plant:

Our Concrete Mixing Plant has the following features:

1.It uses forced double-horizontal shafts and can produce many kinds of high-quality concrete, such as dry hard concrete and plastic concrete and others.

2.Separate metering methods is used to measure aggregate through an electronic weighing apparatus.

3.A weighing hopper is used to weigh cement, water and additives, to ensure that the measurement is accurate.

4.Our machine key parts such as motor, reducer, bearing, double shaft mixer uses famous domestic and international brands: 
5.PLC are adopted in our concrete mixing plant to ensure the reliable performance and high production efficiency.

The part of the Concrete Mixing Plant:

First part:

Mixer of Concrete Mixing Plant:

JS twin-shaft concrete mixer can be chose according to client;
Discharging height is 1.7-3.8(m);
Pneumatic/Hydraulic Control;
Easy replacing of wearing parts, such as liner plates.

Second part:

Feeding system of Concrete Mixing Plant: 

Our feeding system consists of Skip hoister feeding and belt conveyor feeding.

Third part:

Cement silo of Concrete Mixing Plant:

Capacity of 50t, 60t,100t, 150t and 200t are optional, with the cement smoke filter;
One-piece/Modular tank are optional.

Fourth part:

Control system of Concrete Mixing Plant:

The electronic component of the control system are well-known brands, and we can match you with a set of installation tools when shipping;

PLC/Centralized Control with the emergency stop button and safety control key;

TV monitoring systems for batching machine, concrete mixer and discharging mouth are optional for clients. 

Company introduce:

Workshop of Concrete Mixing Plant:

Packing of Concrete Mixing Plant:

Production site of Concrete Mixing Plant:

Our advantages:

Pre-sales Service:

The wide product range enables us to provide our customers with stand-alone machines or complete processing plants. Based on our customers’ request and budget, our experts make efficient, reliable solutions. Following customers’ order we produce strictly, what’s more, before placing the order every customer has the chance to visit working machines or complete plant in the site.
To ease the trip for every visitor to China, in particular the first-time visitor, we provide FOR FREE all relevant visitor-friendly services including invitation letter preparation, hotel reservation, airport pick-up, incity transportation, and sightseeing guide, etc.

After-sales Service:

Experienced technicians guidance is available on the phone, and on the internet. One or more engineers will be dispatched to the quarry site to help install the customers’ plants. Necessary training about machine daily maintenance to local workers is provided also.

After-Sales department is made of well-trained employees and installation engineers, the installation engineers are special and professional members of company, they are now strategically located home and abroad, working for our customers.


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Henan Chunyue Import&Export Co.,Ltd . is a professional manufacture with more than 20 years production experience of concrete mixing plant. Today to introduce everyone about concrete mixing plant, if you have a demand for concrete mixing plant,you are welcome to send us inquiries.

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