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Soosan hydraulic breaker SB81 Export

company : Yantai Sanyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
address : Yantai,Shandong



Although the name of the hydraulic breaker is varied, it refers to the same machine. This machine is powered by hydrostatic pressure, which drives the piston to reciprocate. When the piston strokes, it hits the drill rod at high speed, and the drill rod breaks solids such as ore and concrete.

Product features

1.Leading heat treatment technology: enhanced heat and abrasion resistance.

2.Low fuel consumption design: The cylinder volume can be reduced and the fuel consumption can be reduced while keeping the oil pressure constant.

3.Durability design of the movement: The design of the piston ring oil passage reduces drag and makes the piston cylinder more durable. Through the repulsive force, the smaller design protects the movement and has a longer service life.

4.Deck durability design: The exposed deck uses high-strength steel plates to reduce wear.

5.The durability design of the oil seal: The design of the return oil passage is added to the pressed surface of the oil seal to reduce the oil seal pressure and increase the service life of the oil seal.

6.Lightweight design: Matching the excavator and loader's performance.

Low-noise design: In urban areas with noise restrictions, noise reduction rubber mats and sealed boxes can effectively reduce noise, and low-noise tray breakers can be used.

7.Powerful hydraulic and nitrogen shock system

8.The new hydraulic nitrogen drive system can provide a powerful blow energy for the crusher. Its superior performance and large impact kinetic energy bring high production efficiency.

Long service life reduces use costs

9.Selected alloy steel with longer service life

10.Highly accurate machining and superior heat treatment technology make the hammer more durable.

Simple, comfortable operation and easy maintenance

11.Fine and reasonable tubing design, small resistance, and operation will be more convenient and comfortable.

12.Accurate, simplified structural design improves reliability.

Simple structure, complete maintenance and repair.

One-stop service system

Focusing on customer needs, we provide high-quality, fast, efficient, and lean after-sales service to pursue customers' great satisfaction.Adequate, high quality, precision parts supply.Strict quality inspection system to ensure high quality and performance of the product.

The normal use of Soosan hydraulic crushing hammer:

1. For long and hard stones, they can be broken at the ends or ends of cracks, which makes it easier to crush stones.

2. the hose should stop working when the hose is vibrant.

Check whether the high and low pressure hose of the hammer is vibrating too violently. If that happens, there may be a fault. You should contact your local authorized service department immediately to get maintenance service. It is necessary to further check whether the hose joint is leaking oil. If there is oil leakage, the joint should be tightened again. As shown in the chart, the amount of steel should be measured during the operation. If there is no allowance for the card in the lower body, the lower body should be removed to see if the part should be repaired or replaced.

3. broken hammer does not work in water and mud

Do not use broken hammer in water or mud. Otherwise, piston or similar parts may rust and cause permanent damage. If you need to work in water or under water, special underwater hammer should be ordered.

4. can't get the broken hammer down to smash the stone

Broken hammer directly down to the gravel, broken hammer or excavator will bear too much force, so easy to damage the excavator, loader parts.

5. stop operations (avoid excessive air strikes). Once the stones are broken, they should immediately stop hammering. If continuous air strikes, bolts will loose or break, and even excavators will be adversely affected. When the breaking force of the broken hammer is not proper or the steel drill is used as a pry bar, it will cause an empty blow. (the sound of a broken hammer will change when the hammer is hammered)

6. the broken hammer can not be used to move the stones

Do not roll or push stones with the drill end or side of the bracket. Because the oil pressure comes from the excavator, loader arm and small arm at this time. Shovel, swaying or sliding operation, so the arm will be damaged, and the broken hammer bolt may break, the support will be damaged, the steel will break or scratch, and should be avoided.

7. in particular, it is pointed out that the engine should be preheated in winter for 5 to 20 minutes, and then the crushing hammer should be operated according to the operation maintenance instructions of the excavator to preheat the engine and carry out the crushing operation at low temperature, so that it is easy to damage the zero parts of the broken hammer.

Perfil de la compañía

China Sanyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. es un fabricante profesional de martillos hidráulicos. Desde 2003, ha pasado la certificación CE. Introducir tecnología avanzada y equipo extranjero para producir interruptores automáticos. Utiliza métodos modernos de procesamiento y administración basados en producción, ventas e investigación. Y desarrollo. Los interruptores de circuito en miniatura de la compañía son conocidos por su excelente rendimiento y poderoso impacto. Los productos se producen con alta calidad, alta estabilidad, mecanizado de precisión y durabilidad. Son ampliamente utilizados en trituración, minería, carreteras e ingeniería civil. Ingeniería, demolición, ingeniería especial (ingeniería subacuática, ingeniería de túneles, etc.) y otras áreas de construcción.

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